The wines from the Château des Barrigards are produced exclusively from the vineyard of the Estate located between the cities of Beaune and Corgoloin. They are either of "Appellation d’Origine Controllée"(AOC), or of appellation "Villages".

The vines are about forty years of age and are 100% "Pinot Noir" for the red wines and 100% "Aligoté" for the white’s.

The owners of Chateau des Barrigards are very concerned about impact on the environment and respect organic farming. Until the 2010 harvest, management limited as much as possible the usage of products without organic certification in growing its grapes.  Since 2010, the growing process has become biodynamic. By biodynamic we mean cultivating the vines without any chemical products whatsoever. The wines produced will be certified ‘’ organic’’ at the end of the third harvest (September 2013), allowing the soil to filter and purify itself of any improper products which were used in the past.